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 May I introduce my partner in crime, and owner of Elephant Shoe Media. We have worked together for 5+ years, and enjoy working with each other so much that we'll give you a generous discount when you book us togeter.  For one, it's always easier communicating with the videographer if you know their style of shooting and they know yours, that way you aren't bumping heads at all. But also, it's just more fun for us. We're able to bounce ideas of one another, we're more creative and it's always nice having an extra trusty pair of hands at your disposal. Together we create top notch memories for you to look back on, and we keep you smiling throughout the whole process. By the end of our first meeting you will feel like were part of your bridesmaid tribe.

Take a look for yourself at how talented this lovely lady is.

  • Shannon & Calum

  • Lauren & Josh

  • Sabrina & Skylar

  • Andrea & Jason