Who Are You?

You are the Alternative Bride (or groom!) who doesn't want the same old pictures as everybody else.You want pictures that aren't too stiff but show who the real you is; having fun, yet still showing the love you have for your significant other.


Also, lets get real. It's not just about the photos. You want to make sure that you're hiring somebody that clicks with you. You really just want someone who you can get along with, who makes you laugh, and who you feel comfortable around, not just in front of the camera but during your entire day.


I mean - you'd probably hire a friend to take your pictures if any of them had a camera that wasn't their cellphone. Ammiright?

Who Am I?

I offer a unique style of shooting which makes for timeless, warm and romantic photos that aren't too cheesy or formal. The kind of picture that will look good hanging in your living room, not just today but also 20 years from now. 

I am a friend to laugh with you during your special day. Need somebody to hold your dress while you pee? I got you. Don't worry. Because on the day of your wedding, whoever you choose to be your photographer will be with you all day, and you want somebody who is relatable, and who cares so much about you that they pretty much end up being an extra bridesmaid with a camera.