Chelsey & Curtis
Monday, November 05, 2018
By Kelsey McFarlane Photography
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Have you ever wished somebody would marry once more, just so that you could attend their wedding again?

One of the first impressions that I got of Chelsey was when she was Maid of Honor at a former brides wedding. The boys in said wedding group were being their rowdy selves and Chelsey wanted to make sure things ran on schedule for the Bride. Since they weren't really listening to me saying "look over here, smile, hellooo" she sharply turned to them all and shouted 'BOYS, PICTURE!', but without missing a beat had whipped her head back into position with her charming smile ready for me and the camera. I was definitely impressed. When it was her turn to get married I was BEYOND happy when she asked me to be her wedding photographer as I knew it would be one for the books. 


During the year leading to the wedding I learnt a lot about Chelsey and Curtis. I learnt that they met at a fun night at Crazy Horse, that they knew they had found 'the one' early on, that Curtis has the CUTEST goddaughter who they BOTH love so much and I even learnt about The Mistress - but don't worry, it turns out she was just a red truck. By the end of the year, attending their wedding I  felt like a guest as much as I was a photographer. So you guys call me when you have your anniversary party cause I'm %100 down.

Cheers to Chelsey & Curtis! 

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Curtis’s Mom - Patricia Smith - Curtis and Chelsey’s wedding was an amazing dream day. The pictures are beautiful. I am so proud of my son and beautiful daughter in law.
Family love lasts forever